Contriving ideas and explanations through the visualisation of a subconscious, these works present predetermined conceptualisations.


fungus for lunch.png


All conceptualisation works revolve around a predefined concept, value or meaning that is then refined through material exploitation and discovery. The works in this section are aiming to communicate more than purely form, so in this sense I thought it fitted, to create a sub-collection called conceptualisation. Looking back at the objects that I've selected, I feel some belong to another grouping of works. I don't see them fitting in the Still Life sub-collection, as most of them have a purpose, however, I do think they could have had a different grouping name; as works such as "I was saving that" and Stable Three-dimensional Structure seem to fit into both groupings.

The tensegrity tests were extremely fun and something that I would like to develop further. I want to see how big of a tensegrity sculpture I can build, and can see some applications to furniture design for larger people.