An investigation of lamp structures, through the exploration of material combination, object function, shadow and texture.



Many things influenced the development of these light explorations, and through material testing, I have developed a number of prototypes and with continued efforts in its refinement, I believe these experiments could be financially viable to build and sell.

Since my art residency with Jordi Canudas last year, I have found myself visualising a lot of objects as light pieces. I find shadows incredibly powerfull – the ability to see something that someone else might not notice is a great exercise in seeing beyond our everyday vision. None of these lamps are finished – they're visualisations of ideas, bound to change and a step towards and through the exploratory materialisation of my mind. I'm only coming to understand the use of light, but I feel it already has and will continue to play a big role in my practice. With ideas such as 'The Directional Light' or 'Croissant', I'm testing the function and interaction between people and light, but in a way that is possibly useless to some degree, however conceptually interesting and powerful in others. These ideas are expressions of myself at a point in time; something I find quite special, to some degree. I like the idea that what I make, has a place on Earth, whether that be determined by myself, or Joe Bloggs.

There are parts of these lamps that I can criticise, like the holes in the hot water bottle being a bit larger; but for me what this collection especially represents, is a clear progression of an interest and idea.